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How likely are local renters to stay put in the Queen City?

(BIZ Journals) - 1 days, 9 hours ago...
 Renters in Charlotte and Raleigh are more likely to stay put than their counterparts in many of the nation's largest metro areas. Those are the results of ApartmentList's annual renter survey. The San Francisco-based online rental marketplace asked 24,000 renters in 50 U.S. metro areas if they plan to settle down in a different city, and if so, why. Keeping in mind that renters are more transient than homeowners, survey results showed that 60% of renters here would opt to leave the Q...
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Starwood-Invitation merger would create company with 4,600 local homes

(BIZ Journals) - 1 days, 19 hours ago...
 A merger between rental home giants Starwood Waypoint and Invitation Homes would create a company with more than 4,600 homes in the Sacramento region. ...
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