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MBS Day Ahead: Quickly Becoming a Battle to Remain in a Friendly Trend

(Mortgage News Daily) - 4 hours, 20 minutes ago...
 Posted To: MBS CommentaryAs we discussed last week, the positive technical signals don't get much clearer than they did after Friday's CPI data (weak inflation helped bonds break a floor that had been stubbornly holding for several weeks. At the time, the biggest risk as I saw it was that the positive cues were "too obvious." When there's such a resounding confluence of technical and fundamental input, it makes sense to ask the question: if everyone wants to be a buyer, ...
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Big Bank Earnings and News; M&A Continues

(Mortgage News Daily) - 1 days, 6 hours ago...
 Posted To: Pipeline PressGiven the latest tax plan, will the mortgage interest deduction stay, but become worthless? The GOP blueprint would double the standard deduction for individuals and couples, making the mortgage interest deduction worthless for anyone who doesn’t itemize. Stay tuned… Bank News Here's a little trivia for tonight's Happy Hour: baby boomers control about 67% of all bank deposits. JPMorgan has partnered with PayPal to allow Chase customers to link card...
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