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Rates Cap Impressively Sideways Week Near Long-Term Lows

(Mortgage News Daily) - 1 days, 13 hours ago...
 Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchWeeks like this are the reason that some mortgage rate analysis is only done once a week. There haven't been any significant developments in financial markets--at least not as far as bonds (which dictate rates) have been concerned. And there certainly hasn't been any significant movement in mortgage rates themselves. In fact, with the exception of a modest dip last Wednesday, mortgage rates have been essentially flat for the entire month of June . As we...
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Home prices are sky high, but mortgages are still cheap

(CNN Real Estate) - 1 days, 21 hours ago...
 Home prices have reached another record high, and buyers are feeling the pressure. But there has been one saving grace for buyers: mortgage rates....
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