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San Francisco has some streets dirtier than the world's filthiest slums, new report finds

2 - Yahoo
Wife of lawmaker who killed himself loses election bid

3 - Yahoo
Florida Republican's aide fired for false suggestion shooting survivors are actors

4 - Yahoo
Honors, remembrances for school shooting victims

5 - Yahoo
The Latest: Group says Syria death toll tops 100 for the day

6 - Yahoo
Donald Trump Directs Justice Department To Take Steps To Ban Bump Stocks

7 - Yahoo
Army Awards Heroism Medal To 3 Junior ROTC Cadets Killed In Florida Shooting

8 - Yahoo
Parkland School Shooting: Student Says She Was Stalked by Nikolas Cruz Prior to Attack

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President Trump Tweeted He's Been Tougher on Russia Than Obama. That's Not True

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'Black Panther' Marks A New Kind Of Black Superhero Movie

11 - Yahoo
R. Kelly Evicted From Atlanta Homes For Unpaid Rent

12 - Yahoo
FBI charge British engineer with murdering wife on yacht in Caribbean

13 - Yahoo
Aurora borealis turns the sky greener than the ground

14 - Yahoo
Trump presidency is ‘code red’ level threat to US democracy, says Thomas Friedman

15 - Yahoo
James and Kimberly Snead Say Nikolas Cruz Had a 'Right to Own' AR-15

16 - Yahoo
Turkey vows to lay siege to Syria's Afrin 'in coming days'

17 - Yahoo
Robert Mueller charges lawyer with lying in Russia election meddling probe

18 - Yahoo
Florida Survivors Push Back After GOP Activist Says They're 'Hijacked By Left-Wing Groups'

19 - Yahoo
Several dozen Russian, ex-Soviet fighters wounded in Syria clash: Russia

20 - Yahoo
Photos: Indonesia's Mount Sinabung erupts, spews towering ash cloud